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PS Blogg 3 (Dicksonfartyg, befälhavare mm) uppdaterad den 25 januari 2015 (Kronhamn)

måndag, juni 04, 2012

History This Week


A look back at events that made history this week -
compiled by the Summerland Amateur Radio Club of Lismore, NSW

Monday, 04 June, 2012
1752 Ben Franklin's kite is struck by lightning - what a shock!
1770 Capt Cook runs aground on Australian Great Barrier Reef
1783 The first hot-air balloon ascent - unmanned - flew for ten minutes. Montgolfier.
1786 First commercially-made ice cream sold (NY)
1825 The first time natural gas was used for illumination was in Fredonia, in western N.Y.
1848 First telegraph link between New York City & Chicago
1849 Gas mask patented by Lewis Haslett, Louisville, Ky
1882 Electric iron patented by Henry W. Seely, NYC
1883 First commercial electric railway line begins operation (Chicago El)
1901 Guglielmo Marconi received a reissued patent "Wireless Telegraphy."
1912 US army tests first machine gun mounted on a plane.
1929 George Eastman demonstrated the first Technicolor movie (Rochester, NY).
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Our thanks to John Alcorn, VK2JWA of the Summerland Amateur Radio Club for this weekly feature.
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