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måndag, oktober 23, 2017

A Long-Delayed Reckoning of the Cost of Silence on Abuse

Harvey Weinstein, left, and Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O’Reilly and Harvey Weinstein may have come from different ends of the political spectrum, but it turns out they have a lot in common.
They rose to positions of power around the same time and used their big, bullying voices to secure for themselves leading roles in American culture. Both men worked in industries that put up with gross behavior from male executives for decades, and both now stand accused of lording their status over women who have stepped forward to say that the men sexually harassed or otherwise abused them.
Mr. O’Reilly, late of Fox News, and Mr. Weinstein, late of the Weinstein Company, share something else. They kept their alleged misconduct under wraps with the help of the nondisclosure agreements included as part of the numerous out-of-court settlements that allowed them to admit to no wrongdoing.
The sums they paid their accusers bought them silence. A full, public airing did not come to be until those meddling reporters came along.
The report  in The New York Times this weekend that Mr. O’Reilly paid $32 million in a single settlement with the former Fox News analyst Lis Wiehl in January brings to $45 million the amount that has been paid to six women who accused him of harassment.

With those settlements, Mr. O’Reilly was not only able to hold onto his top-rated, prime-time television show, an engine for his book and speaking empire, but he was also able, in February, to land a new $100 million contract from Fox News, the network that made him a star.
Two months later, Fox News and its parent, 21st Century Fox, forced Mr. O’Reilly out.
What changed? The allegations against Mr. O’Reilly, once conveniently swept aside, had suddenly become a problem. They had become a problem because they had become public (through the same Times reporters who first wrote about the $32 million payout, Emily Steel and Michael S. Schmidt).
In a similar turn of events, earlier this month, Mr. Weinstein did not last a week at his company after The Times and then The New Yorker detailed sexual harassment and abuse claims against him going back decades.
Now, a national reckoning is underway. Allegations of harassment and abuse have prompted action at Amazon Studios, where a female producer’s accusation forced the resignation of its chief, Roy Price; at the APA talent agency, where allegations from at least three men against the agent Tyler Grasham led to his firing; at Vox Media, which dismissed its editorial director, Lockhart Steele, after a woman accused him of misconduct on Medium without naming him; and at Nickelodeonat , which severed ties with “The Loud House” creator Chris Savino after several woman leveled accusations.
But it is a reckoning long delayed. And a big reason for the delay has to do with the out-of-court settlements and the nondisclosure agreements that go with them.
It was a nondisclosure agreement that turned off the spigot of accusations against the comedian and actor Bill Cosby, who was forced to grapple with women’s complaints when a former Temple University athletic department employee, Andrea Constand, accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2005. After some dozen others made similar charges in support of her case, Mr. Cosby and Ms. Constand reached a confidential settlement.
And it was a nondisclosure agreement that brought to a close the flurry of media attention that followed the lawsuit filed against Mr. O’Reilly by the former Fox News producer Andrea Mackris in 2004. Her silence — along with agreeing to the public statement that there had been “no wrongdoing whatsoever” — went for about $9 million.
Those are only the best known examples. The entertainment news and gossip archives are filled with reports of celebrity sexual harassment cases written in disappearing ink.
Take the summer of 2010. Two women filed lawsuits accusing the actor Casey Affleck of harassment during the filming of “I’m Still Here.” Around the same time, the actress Kristina Hagan charged that the television star David Boreanaz had harassed  when she was an extra on his Fox show “Bones.” Her high-profile lawyer, Gloria Allred, went before a cluster of cameras to declare that Ms. Hagan was “looking forward to her day in court.”

But all three women struckconfidential agreements resolving their cases against the men, who denied the claims against them. Mr. Affleck went on to win an Oscar, and Mr. Boreanaz is a star of the new CBS drama "SEAL Team".
I reached out to Ms. Allred on Friday to discuss what many people  were coming to view as the systemic silencing of women — a stratagem that, yes, compensates the accusers, but also enriches the lawyers who arrange the deals and, arguably, leaves other women vulnerable. Wasn’t that system, I asked, stifling a broader discussion?
“My duty as an attorney is to my client and to assist her and protect her and support her in what she thinks is best for her life,” Ms. Allred told me. “I don’t think any woman should be sacrificed for the ‘cause.’”
For a number of women, she said, a confidential settlement is the right outcome. “Some clients want to protect their privacy — they don’t want anybody to know,” she said.
In most cases, Ms. Allred said, if there is no confidentiality agreement, there is no shot at a settlement. And she disputed the notion that out-of-court settlements somehow let the alleged harassers off scot-free.
”If the accused sexual harasser is paying my client $500,000, or $1 million or $2 million, that’s not nuisance value,” she said. “That’s an admission that the accused feels that he has risk and that he has done something that he should not have done.”
Still, Mr. O’Reilly has lately asserted that he struck the deals only to “protect my family.” Over the weekend, he used his website to call the latest Times report a "smear piece".
In return for the $32 million he was said to have paid Ms. Wiehl, Mr. O’Reilly bought more than her silence. As part of the deal, the Times reported, all text messages and other communications between them were destroyed, and he got an affidavit, signed by Ms. Wiehl, in which she attested that she had “no claims” regarding the allegations in her initial complaint.
Because of such agreements, it required months and months of reporting on the part of those who nailed down the stories on Mr. O’Reilly and Mr. Weinstein — just as they stymied so many earlier efforts by others. Jessica E. Lessin, the editor in chief of the tech news website The Information, said that the use of nondisclosure agreements slowed its investigation  into sexual harassment allegations in Silicon Valley — specifically, against Justin Caldbeck of Binary Capital. (He resigned)  from Binary and apologized, saying it was wrong to “leverage a position of power in exchange for sexual gain.”)
“The freedom to tell your story shouldn’t be easily signed away,” Ms. Lessin told me. “It doesn’t mean there aren’t cases where it’s reasonable to use them, but they appear so frequently that it is a sign that women are being forced to sign away their rights to free speech.”
Binary, by the way, was protected by another form of legal silencing — nondisparagement clauses attached to employment contracts, which, as The Times reported  in July, the company sought to use to keep complaints from going public. The Weinstein Company had a similar provision, The New Yorker reported.
The New York State Legislature is considering legislation  that would void contract provisions that keep employees from bringing harassment and discrimination claims.
That’s a start.

Baskerna ligger - av naturliga skäl - och lurar i vassen

BILBAO - El presidente del PP del País Vasco, Alfonso Alonso, avisó ayer de que Euskadi dispone de “todos los ingredientes” para llegar “a la misma situación” que Catalunya.

PP = Partido Popular, ett av de två största partierna i Spanien. Borgerligt.

Bilbao den 18 oktober 2017: Anhörigas
vita banderoller tillstöd för ETA-fångar
 i Madrid.Foto: jag (mobilkamera)

La Liga (två matcher ikväll)

Barcelona protest mot paragraf 155

Miles de personas, con Govern
 al frente, protestan en Barcelona contra el 155. 

El portavoz del Gobierno catalán, Jordi Turull, ha acusado este domingo al Gobierno de Mariano Rajoy de situarse "fuera de la ley" con la aplicación del artículo 155 de la Constitución y ha afirmado que en estos momentos "no está sobre la mesa" que Carles Puigdemont convoque elecciones.

söndag, oktober 22, 2017


Dinah Washingtons bästa låt enligt mig (och många andra gissar jag). Dinah avled den 14 december - min födelsedag - för 54 år sedan.




Det blir värre och värre

WHO utsåg Zimbabwes president Mugabe (bilden)  till "Goodwill-ambassadör".

La Liga: Ikväll kl 18.30 matchstartr Athletic Bilbao-(Madridlaget:) Leganés

La Liga

1 Barcelona 9 8 1 0 26 3 25 5 5 0 0 18 1 15 4 3 1 0 8 2 10  (9 spelade; 25 poäng)
2 Valencia   9 6 3 0 25 10 21 5 4 1 0 13 2 13 4 2 2 0 12 8 8
3 Real Madrid 8 5 2 1 15 7 17 4 1 2 1 5 4 5 4 4 0 0 10 3 12 (8 spelade; 17 poäng)
4 Atlético    8 4 4 0 13 5 16 3 2 1 0 4 1 7 5 2 3 0 9 4 9
5 Betis         9 5 1 3 19 17 16 5 4 0 1 13 8 12 4 1 1 2 6 9 4
6 Sevilla      9 5 1 3 9 8 16 4 3 1 0 7 1 10 5 2 0 3 2 7 6
7 Leganés    8 4 2 2 7 3 14 4 1 2 1 2 2 5 4 3 0 1 5 1 9
8 Villarreal  9 4 2 3 11 10 14 4 2 2 0 6 1 8 5 2 0 3 5 9 6
9 R. Sociedad 8 4 1 3 19 17 13 4 1 1 2 10 10 4 4 3 0 1 9 7 9
10 Celta       8 3 2 3 18 13 11 4 1 2 1 7 7 5 4 2 0 2 11 6 6
11 Athletic   8 3 2 3 10 9 11 4 2 1 1 4 2 7 4 1 1 2 6 7 4
12 Levante   9 2 5 2 9 11 11 6 2 3 1 8 6 9 3 0 2 1 1 5 2
13 Getafe     9 2 3 4 11 10 9 4 1 0 3 6 5 3 5 1 3 1 5 5 6
14 Espanyol 8 2 3 3 7 11 9 4 2 1 1 6 3 7 4 0 2 2 1 8 2
15 Deportivo 8 2 2 4 9 16 8 4 2 0 2 5 8 6 4 0 2 2 4 8 2
16 Las Palmas 9 2 1 6 7 18 7 4 1 0 3 4 12 3 5 1 1 3 3 6 4
17 Eibar       8 2 1 5 3 17 7 4 1 1 2 1 5 4 4 1 0 3 2 12 3
18 Girona     8 1 3 4 7 13 6 5 1 1 3 4 8 4 3 0 2 1 3 5 2
19 Alavés     9 1 0 8 3 14 3 4 0 0 4 1 9 0 5 1 0 4 2 5 3
20 Málaga    9 0 1 8 4 20 1 4 0 1 3 4 9 1 5 0 0 5 0 11 0

  Mer än 1,1 miljard människor          
  i världen saknar identifikation och   
  existerar inte officiellt. Utan       
  identifikation har de ofta varken     
  rätt till utbildning eller sjukvård

Well I stepped into an avalanche,
It covered up my soul;
When I am not this hunchback that you see,
I sleep beneath the golden hill.
You who wish to conquer pain,
You must learn, learn to serve me well.
You strike my side by accident
As you go down for your gold.
The cripple here that you clothe and feed
Is neither starved nor cold;
He does not ask for your company,
Not at the centre, the centre of the world.
When I am on a pedestal,
You did not raise me there.
Your laws do not compel me
To kneel grotesque and bare.
I myself am the pedestal
For this ugly hump at which you stare.
You who wish to conquer pain,
You must learn what makes me kind;
The crumbs of love that you offer me,
They're the crumbs I've left behind.
Your pain is no credential here,
It's just…

SR P2. Rekommenderas (kl. 11.00-12.00)

Barcelona: A Global City in the Eye of a Separatist Storm

The flag of the Catalan independence movement 
on display in Barcelona, Spain. In many ways, the issue
 of Catalonia’s independence is more complex for 
residents of Barcelona than for 
those in other parts of the region.

BARCELONA, Spain — These days, the city of Barcelona wears two hats. And not too comfortably.
On the one hand, Barcelona is a global city, a former host of the Olympics, and the home of one of the world’s most famous soccer clubs, F.C. Barcelona. It is a magnet for more than 10 million visitors a year, an example of the ways large cities increasingly influence global politics, economics and culture.
On the other hand, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, Spain’s restive northeastern region, and the nerve center of a drive for Catalan independence that is described by its opponents as parochial, exclusive and nationalist.
In that campaign — which the Spanish government now says it will take emergency measures to halt— there is no place in Catalonia with more at stake. In Barcelona, the issue of independence has provoked exceptionally sharp soul-searching and debate over allegiances and identity, with an intensity not seen since Britain voted to leave the European Union 
In short, people are worried. First among them is the city’s leftist mayor, Ada Colau , who, despite expressing support for independence in the past, says she is now not in favor of leaving. “It’s a very pluralistic city and there is a lot of diversity of opinions in Barcelona,” she said in an interview this week.

En svensk kvinnlig boxare konockades igår av en norsk kvinnlig boxare.
"Jag är besviken" säger svenskan.

lördag, oktober 21, 2017

Господи помилуй

Wislawa Szymborska - Aldrig två gånger

la luna

Rajoy cesará al Gobierno catalán, podrá disolver el Parlament y convocará autonómicas antes de 6 meses

10 Minutes. 12 Gunfire Bursts. 30 Videos. Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre.

The shots began at 10:05. Twelve bursts of gunfire later, police broke down Stephen Paddock’s door at the Mandalay Bay. Using forensic analysis, The Times mapped 30 videos that show a vivid picture of what happened that night.

Paco de Lucía Concierto Aranjuez - Adagio

Ziganda: “No encuentro una explicación”


José Ángel Ziganda (Bilbaos tränare) asume la superioridad del Ostersunds, insiste en que el equipo sueco "es mucho más de lo que dicen su historial y su nombre", y rescata los últimos 15 minutos.

Tsaristiskt förtryck - 100 years ago - lite plock

Ryska revolutionen var egentligen två – februarirevolutionen då tsar Nikolaj II störtades och oktoberrevolutionen när bolsjevikerna med Vladimr Lenin i spetsen tog makten från den provisoriska borgerliga regeringen. Datumen kring revolutionen är något förvirrande, då Ryssland fram till 1918 använde den julianska kalendern. Februarirevolutionen utbröt således i mars, och oktoberrevolutionen i november enligt vår gregorianska kalender.

Barnen krävde ett bättre liv

Ryska barn demonstrerar för utbildning och ett bättre liv i februari 1917. Tsarryssland var ett outvecklat bondesamhälle med hög analfabetism. Runt sekelskiftet 1900 kunde bara var fjärde medborgare läsa.

Mera bilder här: "20 fantastiska bilder":


Earth is entering a stream of debris from Halley's Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower. Last night, NASA's network of all-sky meteor cameras detected 23 Orionid fireballs over the USA--a result of comet dust hitting the atmosphere at speeds exceeding 65 km/s (145,000 mph). Forecasters expect the shower to peak on Oct. 21-22 with as many as 25 meteors per hour. Visit for observing tips and sky maps.

fredag, oktober 20, 2017

Uppmana Margot Wallström att skriva på för en kärnvapenfri värld!

Idag är det precis en månad sedan FN:s konvention om förbud mot kärnvapen öppnades för signering. 53 länder har redan skrivit under avtalet. Men Sverige tvekar fortfarande.

Detta har gjort många både upprörda och oroade och hela 14 000 har redan skrivit under vårt upprop för att Sveriges utrikesminister Margot Wallström ska skriva under det globala förbudet mot kärnvapen.

"Betydelsen av det här fördraget är enorm /..../ avtalet lägger grunden för en värld där kärnvapen anses vara ett hot mot säkerheten, inte en väg mot den.”

Bunny McDiarmid, Greenpeace internationella generalsekreterare

Greenpeace bildades 1971 i samband med protester mot atomprovsprängningar i USA. 
Så länge kärnvapen finns kvar som ett globalt hot i denna värld kommer det att fortsätta vara en viktig fråga för oss. Med din hjälp kommer vi att pressa Sveriges regering att ta sitt ansvar.

Skriv på för en kärnvapenfri värld här.


Man som skottskadades i går i södra Stockholm avled idag.
Det skiter riksdagspolitikerna i

El PSOE anuncia un pacto con el Gobierno para celebrar elecciones en Cataluña en enero

El Gobierno y el PSOE han pactado la celebración de elecciones autonómicas en Cataluña en enero del año que viene como parte de las medidas de la aplicación del artículo 155 de la Constitución,  según ha asegurado Carmen Calvo, número 4 del PSOE, en el programa Los Desayunos de TVE. Calvo ha respondido a una pregunta sobre la veracidad de una información de en la que se aseguraba que PP y PSOE habían acordado la convocatoria de elecciones autonómicas en Cataluña el próximo mes de enero, dentro del marco de la aplicación del artículo 155,, y Calvo ha contestado que "sí", que el pacto era cierto

Den spanska regeringen har kommit överens med oppositionen (PSOE)  om att det ska hållas regionalval i Katalonien i januari.

PSOE: Partido Socialista Obrero Español (socialdemokraterna)

El artículo 155 de la Constitución Española dice así:

1. Si una Comunidad Autónoma no cumpliere las obligaciones que la Constitución u otras leyes le impongan, o actuare de forma que atente gravemente al interés general de España, el Gobierno, previo requerimiento al Presidente de la Comunidad Autónoma y, en el caso de no ser atendido, con la aprobación por mayoría absoluta del Senado, podrá adoptar las medidas necesarias para obligar a aquélla al cumplimiento forzoso de dichas obligaciones o para la protección del mencionado interés general.

2. Para la ejecución de las medidas previstas en el apartado anterior, el Gobierno podrá dar instrucciones a todas las autoridades de las Comunidades Autónomas.

Spanska politiska partier:íticos_de_España

Recomended --> How China is ruled (BBC)  :

Chinese President Xi Jinping is perhaps the most powerful leader China has seen since Communist leader Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China. Now Xi stands on the brink of becoming even stronger.
The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China kicked off on Wednesday — a hugely important political event in China in which the party meets for roughly a week once every five years to decide on its leadership and set national policy priorities.
By tradition, the party changes its head every 10 years. Xi began his first five-year term during the last congress, and the party will reappoint him for his second five-year term during this one.
The party will also assign people to top leadership positions in the tiers below him, most notably the all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee. It’s a group, currently composed of seven people, who make up the most senior decision-making body in the Chinese Communist party. Its members have broad portfolios like running the economy or the country’s propaganda operations.
If Xi succeeds in getting his allies into many of those top leadership positions — and experts think there’s a good chance he will — he’ll have more control of the party and an enormous mandate to push his agenda for the country’s future.


Xi Jinping, född 1 juni 1953 i Peking, är Folkrepubliken Kinas högsta ledare. Han blev generalsekreterare för Kinas kommunistiska parti och ordförande för den Centrala militärkommissionen  2012 
Mandatperiod: 14 mars 2013 –

Kinas framgångar på den internationella scenen beror inte bara på Xi Jinping. USA:s tok-president (Donald Tru...Duck) är till exempel en god hjälp!

fredag, oktober 13, 2017

Det börjar att bli kul i Sverige (host)

Livsmedelsbutiken (Willys) i centrala Malmö kapades av ett kriminellt gäng. Efter ett dygn  (!)  kunde poliser med automatvapen avbryta den spektakulära butikskapningen. Polisbefälet: "Har varit i Malmö länge, men har aldrig varit med om något liknande förut."

"Räkna med att bopriserna i Stockholm kommer att sjunka" /Dagens Nyheter.

Toppen, då kan  man kanske få en etta i stan för 4,35 miljoner istället för 4.40 miljoner.
Guggenheim-museet i Bilbaom som gett staden en sådan kick framåt,  fyller i dagarna 20 år.

"Pianotoner som singlar ner över oss som snöflingor från himlen, enkelt och vackert" skrev någon. För mig fascinerande eftersom det inte är vilka snöflingor som helst utan barndomsvinterns första snöflingor.


Denna gång i Trelleborg

The German flag carrier Lufthansa signed an agreement on Thursday to buy sections of Air Berlin, a low-cost carrier that had filed for insolvency this summer.