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torsdag, mars 22, 2018


Missing women

When President Trump met on Tuesday with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, a year after he first hosted the prince at the White House, something was missing. Women.
Photos from Tuesday’s meeting show that the dynamics at the table remained relatively unchanged since the last meeting, and persistently male. After years of American foreign policy that has pushed for human rights, such a stark absence of women — and minorities — could send a symbolic message to the ultraconservative country known for its oppression of women and religious minorities.

onsdag, mars 21, 2018

Skillnad, det vet alla

Att damers och herrars fotboll är två helt olika sporter och därför inte kan jämföras har sagts så många gånger, av alla från Lotta Schelin till Anders Svensson till experterna i OS-rutan. Man menar väl. Vill ge tjejerna möjlighet att bli hyllade i sin egen rätt. Men resultatet blir det omvända. Genom att vägra tala om skillnaderna befäster man dem.

Stort grattis Ronaldinho

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, född 21 mars 1980 i Porto Alegre, Brasilien. 

Finding Meaning and Happiness in Old Age

What’s the best way to develop a healthy perspective on old age? Spend more time with elderly people and discover what brings meaning and pleasure to their twilight years despite the losses, both physical and social, they may have suffered.
That’s what two authors of inspired and inspiring books about aging discovered and, happily, have taken the trouble to share with those of us likely to join the ranks of the “oldest old” in the not-too-distant future. Actually, the wisdom therein might be equally valuable for young and middle-aged adults who may dread getting old. To their detriment, some may even avoid interacting with old people lest their “disease” rub off on them.
Too many in our youth-focused culture currently regard the elderly with fear or disdain and consider them costly consumers of resources with little to offer in return. Given the explosive pace of technology that often befuddles the elderly, they command little or no respect for the repository of wisdom that was once cherished by the young (and still is in some traditional societies).
The first book I read was “The End of Old Age” by Dr. Marc E. Agronin, a geriatric psychiatrist at the Miami Jewish Home whose decades of caring for the aged have taught him that it is possible to maintain purpose and meaning in life even in the face of significant disease and disability, impaired mental and physical functioning and limited participation in activities.
The second book, “Happiness Is a Choice You Make,” was written by John Leland, a reporter for The New York Times who spent a year interviewing and learning from six of the city’s “oldest old” residents — people 85 and above — from diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences.
As Mr. Leland told me, “These people totally changed my life. They’ve given up distractions that make us do stupid things and instead focus on what’s important to them. To a person, they don’t worry about things that might happen. They worry when it happens, and even then they don’t worry. They just deal with it. At whatever age we are, we can choose to adapt to whatever happens. We have influence over whether we let things knock us out.”
After reading the books, I have a new way of looking at myself: as a “good-enough” aging adult who continues to pursue and enjoy a variety of activities commensurate with the limitations imposed by inevitable changes in body and mind that accrue with advancing years.
Never mind that words or spelling may temporarily escape me. I can always ask Google or Siri to fill in the blanks. I love the story in Dr. Agronin’s book about the renowned pianist Arthur Rubinstein “who dealt with age-induced declines in his skills by selecting a more limited repertoire, optimizing his performance through extra practice, and compensating by altering his tempo during certain sections to highlight the dynamics of a piece.”
Dr. Agronin writes with reverence for Dr. Gene D. Cohen, a founding father of geriatric psychiatry who “saw not only what aging is, but what aging could be; not what we accomplish in spite of aging, but because of aging.” In Dr. Cohen’s model of creative aging, people have the potential to see possibility instead of problems; aging itself can be a catalyst for rich new experiences, offering a way to renew passions and reinvent oneself.
There are activities I once loved that I can no longer do, or necessarily want to do, like tennis, skiing and ice skating. But I can still walk, cycle, swim, and frolic with my dog, activities that have resulted in many unexpected pleasures and new friends. I can accompany my grandsons to museums and delight in their knowledge of the Impressionists they studied in a high school art class. When I gave them tickets to join me at the opera, one said with a grin, “I guess I’ll get some culture.”

I already know that if and when my physical abilities become further curtailed, I can still enjoy meaningful conversations with these boys, who are all-too-quickly becoming young men. They may know how to reset my cellphone or find hidden channels on my television, but I can help them put their life

experiences in perspective and support a decision to leave their comfort zone and take risks that offer growth potential.

As one of Dr. Agronin’s youngest informants said, even when physical decline and losses restrict one’s options, there remains the capacity to appreciate and approach each day with a sense of purpose. “It’s all about how you frame what you have,” she told him.

He cites the concept of “positive aging” developed by Robert D. Hill, a psychologist in Salt Lake City, that is “affected by disease and disability, but not contingent upon avoiding it.” Rather, it is “a state of mind that is positive, optimistic, courageous, and able to adapt and cope in flexible ways with life’s changes.”

Or, as Dr. Cohen found, creativity is not limited to young people. At any age, it can open people up to new possibilities and add richness to life. According to Dr. Cohen, creativity can benefit aging by strengthening morale, improving physical health, enriching relationships and establishing a legacy.

Dr. Agronin cites two notable examples: Henri Matisse — “the man who rose from the dead” after cancer surgery in 1941 — who created cutouts when he could no longer paint, and Martha Graham, who reinvented herself as a choreographer when she could no longer dance.

When we become unable to pursue the roles and passions of our younger years, Dr. Agronin says, we can tap into our past for strength and inspiration. We can try something new that is either an extension of what we did before or that takes us in a new direction.

And, as Mr. Leland found, there is no room for regrets in happy aging. Although I never won a Pulitzer Prize, in many ways, the “awards” I’ve gotten from thousands of grateful readers who’ve been helped by my writings over the last half-century are so much more meaningful. These readers inspire me to continue doing what I do best — providing people with health- and lifesaving information and inspiration based on the best scientific evidence currently available.

Citing the work of Laura L. Carstensen, founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, Mr. Leland writes that “older people, knowing they face a limited time in front of them, focus their energies on things that give them pleasure in the moment,” not on a future that may never be.

tisdag, mars 20, 2018

Scenery of Jiankou Great Wall after snowfall in Beijing


China’s New Central Banker Is Just as Important as the Fed’s

Yi Gang, who has just been named the
new head of the People’s Bank of China.

The recent appointment of Jerome Powell as chairman of the Federal Reserve was the subject of intense scrutiny. After all, the Fed’s every action reverberates in international financial markets. The announcement on Monday of Yi Gang as the new governor of the People’s Bank of China, China’s central bank, received somewhat less notice.

The world should pay more attention. This choice is as important as any Fed nomination. It isn’t simply that China is the world’s second-largest economy, a crucial market for everything from American aircraft and soybeans to German cars. Its monetary and financial policies affect the whole world.

The central bank’s previous governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, engineered significant reforms. He freed up banks to set deposit and loan rates based on market conditions rather than by decree and also allowed capital to start moving more freely into and out of China. After a 15-year tenure, Mr. Zhou is turning over the keys to China’s economy to Mr. Yi, his trusted deputy, and leaving him with a great deal of unfinished business.

Unlike the Fed, China’s central bank is not independent. Major policy decisions are made by an elite government committee, and China’s president has to sign off on them. But President Xi Jinping came to trust the central bank under Mr. Zhou’s leadership and has given it a lot of leeway in setting and carrying out policies in key areas of the economy.

The People’s Bank of China sets short-term interest rates (like the Fed) and tries to control bank lending to support growth while keeping inflation low. It also determines how freely the Chinese currency’s exchange rate can move and manages restrictions on the flow of money in and out of China. Last week, the government increased the central bank’s oversight responsibilities, putting it in charge of drafting key banking regulations.

More in NYT of today

måndag, mars 19, 2018



Härligt Ray

Ray Conniff 1916-2002

Gene Krupa

Beb Wester 1909-1973


Antal yrkesverksamma medlemmar i Läkarförbundet per åldersklass och kön 2016.
Ålder             Kvinnor        Män              Totalt            Andel kvinnor 
–29                1 271               908              2 179            58%
30–34            2 798             1 694             4 492             62%
35–39            2 617             1 837             4 454             59%
40–44            2 366             1 925             4 291             55%
45–49            1 906             1 742             3 648             52%
50–54            1 717             1 860             3 577             48%
55–59            1 839             2 207             4 046             45%
60+               2 750             4 698             7 448             37%
Totalt            17 264           16 871           34 135           51%
Källa: Sveriges läkarförbund

Benny Fredriksson tog sitt liv: ”Gränslöst mediedrev”

Benny Fredriksson utsattes för ett "gränslöst mediedrev". Det säger Sture Carlsson, tillförordnad vd på Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, i ett pressmeddelande som bekräftar att Benny Fredriksson begick självmord.

Sopor slår mot Galápagos: ”Plasten misstas för mat”

Paradisöarna Galápagos skräpas ned från havet. Sedan i januari har 22 ton sopor samlats in på stränder i ögruppen, uppger anställda i nationalparken enligt AFP./OMNI

De flesta av åra ledare i världen är galna - inte bara Trump

 I går tog Paralympics slut och fem     
 veckor av idrottsfest går över i bak-  
 smälla. Stadionbyggnaden som användes  
 för invigning och avslutning, totalt   
 åtta timmar, rivs nu.                  
 Den kostade 800 miljoner kronor att    
 bygga./Text TV

How Exercise Can Keep Aging Muscles and Immune Systems ‘Young’

"Remaining physically active as we grow older could help to keep our muscles and immune systems robust, according to two inspiring new studies of older recreational cyclists.
Together, the experiments add to growing evidence that some of our assumptions about aging may be outdated and we might have more control over the process than we think.
Aging often seems inexorable and unvarying, and, in chronological terms, it is. The years mount at the same pace for each of us.
But our bodies’ responses to the passage of time can differ. While most people become frail, a few remain spry.
These differences recently prompted a group of British scientists to wonder whether our beliefs about what is normal and inevitable with physical aging might be limited or incorrect, and in particular, whether we might be ignoring the role of exercise.---"
More in the NYT of today

lördag, mars 17, 2018

Women for Putin

The special relationship between Russian women and Vladimir Putin goes back to the very beginning of his years in power. In the 2000 elections — the first time Mr. Putin’s name was on the ballot —61 percent of his votes came from women and just 39 percent from men. The gender gap has persisted: In 2012, 75 percent of women offered a favorable opinion of Mr. Putin, compared with 69 percent of men, according to the Pew Research Center. For the election on Sunday, 69.2 percent of women said they planned to vote for Putin, while only 57.5 percent of men did, according to a survey in February by the state-funded polling agency FOM 

The total mileage of Sweden`s domestic railway system is expected to be minus 30000 kilometers before 2019, according to the country's Minister of Transport Miss (!) Anna Johansson

China to build 30,000 new kilometers of railway before 2020

By Sun Wenyu     17:43, February 27, 2017
The total mileage of China's domestic railway system is expected to grow by 30,000 kilometers before 2020, according to the country's Minister of Transport, Li Xiaopeng, at a press conference held by the State Council Information Office on Feb. 27. One-third of the increased mileage will consist of high-speed rail, Li added.
Li noted that the total mileage of roads will be expanded by 320,000 kilometers during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020). The country will also build more than 300 quay berths above the level of 10,000 DWT, in addition to 50 civil air ports.
According to the comprehensive plan for the development of transportation, total investment in transportation during that 13th Five-Year Plan period will be as much as 15 trillion RMB ($2.18 trillion); up to three-quarters of that amount will go toward railways and roads. Railway investment in 2017 alone is expected to reach 800 billion RMB. By 2020, China will have built a comprehensive modern transportation system that is safe, convenient, efficient and green.

Melania’s Gilded Cage

Opinion | LETTER 
MARCH 16, 2018   
To the Editor:
Re " Melania Knew " by Charles M. Blow (column, March 12):
Yes, of course, Melania knew. However, she signed up for a private, privileged Manhattan cocoon, where she could live as she wished, distancing herself from her husband’s ingrained, longstanding sexual compulsions. She did not sign up for the public scrutiny of their private lives that has left her humiliated, her private cocoon in shambles.
One look at Melania’s face and body language shows her bitterness and shame. This said, Melania, far more intelligent and thoughtful than most credit her, knows how to delay gratification. Fiercely devoted to her son, she has no intention of publicly drawing attention to his father’s degrading, unprincipled behavior through a public rift and departure.
My bet is that her revenge will be served privately and cold: The moment President Trump is out of the White House, Melania will be out of his life, connected only by a large settlement to care for their son and allow her to retreat once again to the life she had married for.

Avd. affärer på hög nivå

President Trump’s lawyers claimed in court on Friday that Stephanie Clifford (left) violated a confidentially agreement at least 20 times, exposing her to damages of at least $20 million. She has said she had an affair with him.

fredag, mars 16, 2018

Problem inom Folktandvården

En stor del av de hundratusentals migranter som kommit till Sverige under de senaste åren har allvarliga tandproblem.

SR Ekot har undersökt situationen i landets 21 regioner och landsting varav de flesta vittnar om ett ökat tryck, långa kötider, övertid och tandproblem som kräver stora och dyrbara ingrepp samt problem av en omfattning man är ovana vid.

 Sju års väntetid för en tandundersökning hos Folktandvården
– Det är i dag som problemet finns, det är dagens akuta problem som måste lösas, säger Hans Göransson, som är ordförande hos Sveriges Tandläkarförbund.

– För dagens svenska tandläkarkår är det en unik utmaning.

Asylsökande har rätt till akut tandvård och deras barn har kostnadsfri sådan. Illegala invandrare får kraftigt subventionerad tandvård och behöver bara betala 50 kronor oavsett vilken typ av ingrepp det gäller.


50 år sedan USA-massaker i My Lai – 504 dödades

I dag har det gått 50 år sedan det värsta amerikanska krigsbrottet i Vietnam – i väst känt som massakern i My Lai. Den 16 mars 1968 gick amerikanska soldater in i kommunen Son My på jakt efter FNL-soldater. Men bland de 504 människor som dödades fanns mest obeväpnade kvinnor, barn och gamla.
Massakern kom inte till allmänhetens kännedom förrän en journalist publicerade avslöjandet året därpå, vilket starkt bidrog till att vända opinionen i USA mot kriget. Förutom överlevande och anhöriga deltog en grupp amerikanska krigsveteraner vid minnesceremonin.
– Det gör fortfarande ont att tänka på att vi gjorde det där, säger en av dem, Frank Corcoran, till AFP om de amerikanska soldaternas agerande.

I dag har det gått 50 år sedan det värsta amerikanska krigsbrottet i Vietnam – i väst känt som massakern i My Lai. Den 16 mars 1968 gick amerikanska soldater in i kommunen Son My på jakt efter FNL-soldater. Men bland de 504 människor som dödades fanns mest obeväpnade kvinnor, barn och gamla.

Champions League kvartsfinalmatcher lottade

Avd. klimatförändring

Petermannglaciären (Grönland) är intressant eftersom 80 procent av glaciärens avsmältning orsakas av havet snarare än av luften. Dessutom befinner sig glaciären i slutet av den nordatlantiska havscirkulationen, vilket innebär att förändringar i Petermannglaciären återspeglar ännu större förändringar i Arktis.

torsdag, mars 15, 2018

Good Night

Remaining physically active as we grow older could help to keep our muscles and immune systems robust, according to two inspiring new studies of older recreational cyclists.

Students chanted “No more violence,” held signs asking “Are we next?” and drew attention across the country Wednesday as they protested gun violence in the wake of a recent mass shooting in South Florida. Here are some compelling photos of the demonstrations, from Chicago to Washington to outside Denver.

Maybe if we were all kept to six words a minute we'd be forced to actually think.

Champions League

Messi - Chelsea  3-0
Viasat bjöd på matchen.Tack Messi
för underhållningen.

Sixteen become eight...
This season's Champions League quarter-finalists are: Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Roma and Sevilla.
The draw will take place in Nyon, Switzerland at 11:00 GMT on Friday
Eurosport "direktvisar" lottningen


Krill är förmodligen den viktigaste djurarten i hela Antarktis. De utgör själva basen i den antarktiska näringskedjan och är livsavgörande som föda för större djurarter som valar och pingviner.

Fiske av krill är en lönsam industri som nu expanderar och utsätter ekosystemet i Antarktis för enorma påfrestningar. I år har vi chansen att stoppa det destruktiva industrifisket som just nu dammsuger stora delar av den Antarktiska oceanen på krill och istället skapa världens största havsreservat i Antarktis. Vill du hjälpa oss?

Djurlivet i Antarktis hotas redan av klimatförändringar och fisket av krill sätter nu ännu större press på södra ishavet. Krill fiskas upp, fraktas till andra sidan jorden, mals ner och säljs för att tillverka hälsotillskott som Omega 3 och till foder vid fiskodlingar.
Vi behöver skicka ett tydligt budskap till krillindustrin - Antarktiska oceanen är allas vårt ansvar att skydda - inte deras att exploatera.

Sök upp Greenpeaces namninsamling (protest mot

onsdag, mars 14, 2018


Champions League idag

Besiktas Park Istanbul

Camp Nou Barcelona


Samtliga kända personer i Göteborg som återvänt efter att ha stridit med IS i Syrien och Irak ska förhöras av polisen.

14 mars

14 mars
Hawkings  dödsdag
14 mars
Einsteins födelsedag

Dr. Hawking in his office at the University of Cambridge in December 2011. His only complaint about his speech synthesizer, which was manufactured in California, was that it gave him an American accent.

Dr. Hawking pushed the limits in his professional and personal life. In 2007, when he was 65, he took part in a zero-gravity flight aboard a specially equipped Boeing 727.

"His character was an inspiration 
to millions. He will be much missed"

Bästa medicinen

Web tips

More than 40% of the world population is 24 years old or younger, the vast majority of whom live in low- and lower middle–income countries . Globally, a quarter of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) for mental disorders and substance abuse is borne by this age group , and about 75% of mental disorders diagnosed in adulthood have their onset before the age of 24 years . Most children and young people in developing countries, however, do not have access to mental health care.

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Strong evidence exists for the health benefits of physical activity (PA) for a wide range of conditions . Physical inactivity leads to high health service costs  and is the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality . Adult and older adult guidelines advise ≥150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous PA (MVPA) weekly, or 75 minutes of vigorous PA, or a combination, in ≥10-minute bouts , but any increase in PA for inactive people is valuable.

Stephen Hawking, Whose Mind Roamed the Cosmos, Is Dead at 76

At a time when the worst of humanity seeks to reassert itself, the celebration of a life that embodies its best is reassuring - even as we lament its passing.

tisdag, mars 13, 2018

Hemsk kvinna

Trump’s New Deputy CIA Director Ran Torture Black Site, Oversaw The “Worst Abuses” Of Bush Era

Nya CIA-chefen drev hemligt tortyrfångläger/Expressen

Champions League

Finemang, idag åttondelsfinaler.
Och gratis Viasat

Man. United 20:45 Sevilla
Roma 20:45 Shakhtar Donetsk


/Inget för mig men kanske för dig/

Den Oscarsvinnande kärlekshistorien i 90-talsfilmen GHOST kan i höst upplevas live på China Teatern i Stockholm. Med låten ”Unchained melody”, från filmens ikoniska drej-scen, som grund har Dave Stewart från popgruppen Eurythmics tillsammans med hitskaparen Glen Ballard komponerat låtar som vackert bär fram storyns dramatik, humor, häpnadsväckande illusioner och kärlek.
Premiären äger rum den 14 september.

Boka här:

China slashes ministries to reduce bureaucracy, end turf wars

13 Mar, 2018 - 06:13 pm
China unveiled an ambitious plan to revamp its central government structure, with more than two dozen ministries and organisations affected, two days after President Xi Jinping secured the right to stay in power indefinitely.