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Raket-Peters bror: Jeg er sikker på hans uskyld

Peter Madsens bror, Benny Langkjær Egesø, kender sin bror som en, der ikke kunne gøre en flue fortræd


If you’re stuck indoors, the weather is absolutely terrible, or you live where you won’t get to see even a partial eclipse, you can enjoy the action virtually instead.
NASA will stream the event live on a number of platforms, including its official FacebookPeriscopeTwitch and UStream pages, as well as on NASA TV and the official NASA YouTube channel. You can even download the official NASA apps for iPhone and Android and watch the eclipse on your phone or tablet.
For a bird’s-eye view of the event, students from the Eclipse Ballooning Project, a collaborative group of high school students, colleges, research universities and NASA scientists, are planning to send 57 cameras up on weather balloons to observe the eclipse at high altitude and hand off to one another over the course of the day at, and on NASA TV.

Mr. Trump Makes a Spectacle of Himself

BOARDAUG. 15, 2017
Here is one thing we are reminded of over and over about President Trump: The man simply cannot help himself — especially when cornered. Given one more chance to forcefully condemn the neo-Nazis and white supremacists whose rally in Charlottesville, Va., ended in violence and a counterprotester’s death, Mr. Trump angrily insisted, as he had suggested on Saturday, that both sides were equally to blame — a false equivalency that not just his critics but also an increasing number of his supporters have urged him to abandon.
The setting was a bizarre and contentious press conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan that was originally meant to be about infrastructure but quickly escalated into a shouting match about Charlottesville. Gone was the measured tone that the president’s aides had talked him into on Monday, when he said “racism is evil” and appeared to distance himself from his earlier claims about shared responsibility for the violence. In its place was a high-decibel defense of his original position, to which he added the claim that while there were “bad people” and “very fine people” on both sides, the “very, very violent” protesters on the “alt-left” who came “charging in without a permit” were at least as culpable as the neo-Nazi protesters.

In so doing, Mr. Trump took up many of the talking points of the white nationalists and far-right activists who have been complaining that the news media and the political establishment do not pay enough attention to leftists who call themselves anti-fascists. He also sympathized with the demonstrators’ demand — the announced reason for their rally — that Robert E. Lee’s statue in a Charlottesville park be saved. “Is it George Washington next week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?” However deep their flaws, though, Washington and Jefferson are memorialized as heroes of American freedom, whereas Lee symbolizes violent division. It was hardly a surprise, then, that David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader, tweeted to thank the president for his “honesty & courage” in denouncing “leftist terrorists.”
What is music to Mr. Duke’s ears is increasingly jarring to many conservatives, corporate executives and others who would be natural allies for a Republican president. Several business and labor leaders resigned from presidential advisory committees on Monday and Tuesday; Marco Rubio, a Trump-friendly senator, tweeted that the rally organizers were “100% to blame.”
Quick and unequivocal in his denunciations of anybody who dares to criticize him, be it Rosie O’Donnell or the executives leaving his advisory councils, Mr. Trump has repeatedly pulled his punches when it comes to white nationalists, alt-right activists and racists. During the presidential campaign last year, he disavowed Mr. Duke, who supported his candidacy, only under great pressure from other politicians and groups like the Anti-Defamation League.
Mr. Trump’s behavior has become distressingly unsurprising. His default position is retaliation; when threatened, he succumbs to bombast. Washington politicians had hoped the recent appointment of John Kelly, a retired Marine general, as his chief of staff would instill some discipline in his chaotic administration. With similar hopes, others are trying to get Mr. Trump to fire his resident provocateur, Stephen Bannon. But the root of the problem is not the personnel; it is the man at the top.

tisdag, augusti 15, 2017


En man skjutits till döds i Östberga, i södra Stockholm.


Dame- og herretoiletter afskaffes i Berlin - i stedet indføres pissoir til begge køn

Regeringen i Berlin gør nu for alvor op med forskelsbehandling af mænd og kvinder: Det skal ikke længere være forbeholdt mænd at lade vandet stående.
En netop udgivet 97 sider lang rapport om nye toiletkoncepter i den tyske hovedstad beskriver på den baggrund, at det skal være muligt for kvinder at benytte et pissoir.
»Der er tale om forskelsbehandling, såfremt det kun er mænd, der har mulighed for at urinere stående,« lyder det i rapporten, der er udarbejdet for bystatens styre.

Den lokale regering, der består af socialdemokraterne (SPD), partiet De Grønne og venstrefløjspartiet Die Linke, har derfor besluttet at opføre nye kønsneutrale toiletter, så mænd og kvinder frit kan vælge, om de i forbindelse med toiletbesøg ønsker at stå op eller sidde ned.
De offentlige toiletter vil i fremtiden bestå af en kønsneutral kabine med et pissoir til både kvinder og mænd, og dermed vil opdelingen af dame- og herretoiletter reelt ophøre.
Rapporten viser billeder af, hvordan et kønsneutralt pissoir kan se ud - det ligner i sin udformning umiddelbart et moderne pissoir. Det er dog ikke beskrevet, hvorledes kvinder skal agere, når toilettet bliver designet til, at kvinder kan stå op og tisse.
Det fremgår dog af rapporten, at pissoiret skal være lavere end mændenes nuværende. Derudover skal der bygges skillevægge, så der stadig er respekt for privatlivet, efter at kønsopdelingen er ophørt.
Opførslen af nye kønsneutrale toiletter kan ifølge rapporten koste op mod 130 mio. euro. hvilket svarer til en lille milliard danske kroner.
Virksomheden Wall, der de seneste 25 år har stået for at bygge og vedligeholde offentlige toiletter i den tyske hovedstad, vil ikke opføre de nye offentlige toiletter, og derfor skal lokalregeringen så finde pengene på de offentlige budgetter.
Dette møder skarp kritik fra oppositionen. Christian Gräff, der er senatsmedlem og bygningspolitisk talsmand for det konservative CDU, siger til den tyske tabloidavis Berliner Kurier, at »det er en falliterklæring, såfremt gode offentlige midler nu vil blive brugt til offentlige toiletter.«
Der findes i dag omkring 250 offentlige toiletter i Berlin.

Regeringen sviker de allra mest utsatta

SVT program

De fyra en timme långa intervjuprogram som den amerikanske regissören Oliver Stone har gjort efter att mellan 2015 och 2017 ha spelat in omkring tjugo timmar av samtal med Putin är, tycker jag, verkligen sevärda. Främst därför att vi tittare får en möjlighet att komma president Putin närmare än någonsin tidigare./Bert Sundström SVT

Guam, America’s Forgotten Front Line

A few days ago, North Korea said it was developing plans to fire four test missiles into waters near Guam. But some Americans seemed less alarmed by Kim Jong-un’s saber-rattling than surprised to learn that Guam, the small Pacific territory 4,000 miles west of Hawaii, is a part of the United States.

Fox News displayed a graphic showing that the “total Americans affected” by a potential attack on Guam would be 3,831 — the population of the Navy and Air Force bases on the island. Never mind the 160,000 American civilians who live on Guam. Rather than acknowledge them, Fox News simply revised the graphic to say “active-duty U.S. troops affected.”

The North Korea threat raises some basic questions for Guam. Should the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, B-2 stealth bombers and other military assets in Guam make its residents feel safer? Or is the large military presence why North Korea is singling out Guam in the first place? These questions highlight Guam’s often conflicted relationship with the military and underlying issues of democratic participation.

If North Korea were to fire a missile at Guam, it would not be the first time the island has been attacked by a foreign power. On the same day Pearl Harbor was bombed, Guam was invaded by the Japanese. Military dependents were evacuated by the United States before the attack, but the indigenous people of Guam, the Chamorros, were not. A brutal three-year Japanese occupation resulted in more than 1,100 deaths, with thousands more Chamorros forced into labor camps.

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Today, Guam’s biggest celebration is Liberation Day, commemorating the return of American troops on July 21, 1944. Yet the military presence on the island remains contentious. The military controls nearly a third of Guam’s land, including the largest sources of fresh water. A proposed relocation of thousands of Marines to Guam from the Japanese island of Okinawa would severely strain the territory’s infrastructure and threaten cultural heritage sites, while the economic benefits to Guam’s civilian community remain uncertain.

Most Americans concerned about their country’s foreign policy or how military decisions affect their communities can call their senators or representatives when they want to influence federal policy. But because they are residents of a territory, the Americans who call Guam home (including one of this essay’s authors, Mr. Cruz) cannot vote for president and lack any voting representation in Congress. All Guam has is a nonvoting delegate in the House of Representatives.

This seems particularly unfair since tiny Guam has a higher rate of military enlistment than any state. The result: a casualty rate in Iraq and Afghanistan for Guam that is four times the national average. But while up to one in eight residents of Guam are military veterans, Guam ranks dead last when it comes to per capita federal spending on medical care for veterans.

However un-American it is to deny these citizens a say in Washington, there are no easy solutions. The most straightforward option may be a constitutional amendment giving residents of Guam and other territories the right to vote for president, as the 23rd Amendment did for residents of the District of Columbia. Statehood is an option, although Guam’s small population makes that seem unlikely. Independence is also a possibility, and while that’s still a minority view in Guam, support grows as federal concerns remain unresolved.

So why hasn’t anything happened? Perhaps because of the myth that Guam and the other United States territories (American Samoa, Puerto Rico, the Northern Marianas and the Virgin Islands) lean left, so expanding their franchise would benefit Democrats. But the four million Americans who live in the five territories — a population greater than nearly half the states — are swing voters. Since 2002, Guam has elected a Republican governor and a nonvoting Democratic congresswoman; similar splits occur in the other territories.

In the face of a nuclear threat from North Korea, the people of Guam try to look on the bright side. Perhaps all this attention will help raise awareness that American citizens in Guam and other territories are still waiting for something as basic as the right to vote for president. Or, to echo a letter by Ben Blaz, a Republican congressman from Guam, that appeared in The New York Times over 25 years ago, the people of Guam remain “equal in war, but not in peace.”

Bostadsförmedlingen är till för den som redan har en bostad. Inte för den som är bostadslös. Det har blivit den märkliga effekten av bostadshaveriet. De ansvariga verkar tycka det är helt i sin ordning./SvD

Mr. Trump in 1980 with a model of Trump Tower before it was built on the site of the Bonwit Teller building.CreditDon Hogan Charles/The New York Times

Donald J. Trump with the golden shovel he used to break ground for Trump National Golf Club in 2002. Credit ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

Vi har alltför många idioter till ledare på vår lilla rymdspillra (Trump är långtifrån ensam)

  Nordkoreas militär har lämnat över    
  en plan för en robotattack mot ön Guam
  till Kim Jong-Un. Diktatorn har       
  beordrat militären att vara redo,     
  enligt den statliga nyhetsbyrån KCNA./Text TV

Ämne: svensk havererad bostadspolitik

Bostadskön i Stockholm har ökat med ett år på ett år

 Även till områden i Stockholms ytterkanter är kötiden för hyreslägenheter nu upp emot tio år, skriver SvD Näringsliv. Sedan förra sommaren har kön vuxit med ett års väntetid./OMNI

Skamligt (och varför inte åtalbart?)

Advokaterna i det uppmärksammade Arbogafallet kräver tillsammans drygt 8,2 miljoner kronor i ersättning av staten. Åklagaren i målet ifrågasätter två av kostnadsräkningarna, rapporterar SVT Nyheter Västmanland. 
Åklagare Jessica Wenna skriver i ett mejl till tingsrätten att hon har den största förståelsen för att ärendet krävt ett stort antal timmar, men hon håller inte med om uträkningen från en av försvarsadvokaterna och ett målsägandebiträde.
Den åtalade kvinnan Johanna Möllers försvarsadvokat Amanda Hikes (bilden) har krävt ersättning för mer än heltid sedan hon blev förordnad. Möller har skrivit över 1 000 sidor brev till henne före huvudförhandlingen, och inför varje förhandlingsdag kommit med ytterligare skrivelser, krav och frågeställningar, vilket gjort arbetet mer svårhanterligt, enligt Hikes.

måndag, augusti 14, 2017

Meteor Showers in 2017 That Will Light Up Night Skies


All year long as Earth revolves around the sun, it passes through streams of cosmic debris. The resulting meteor showers can light up night skies from dawn to dusk, and if you’re lucky you might be able to catch one.

If you spot a meteor shower, what you’re really seeing is the leftovers of icy comets crashing into Earth’s atmosphere. Comets are sort of like dirty snowballs: As they travel through the solar system, they leave behind a dusty trail of rocks and ice that lingers in space long after they leave. When Earth passes through these cascades of comet waste, the bits of debris — which can be as small as grains of sand — pierce the sky at such speeds that they burst, creating a celestial fireworks display.

A general rule of thumb with meteor showers: You are never watching the Earth cross into remnants from a comet’s most recent orbit. Instead, the burning bits come from the previous pass. For example, during the Perseid meteor shower you are seeing meteors ejected from when its parent comet, Comet Swift-Tuttle, visited in 1862 or earlier, not from its most recent pass in 1992.

That’s because it takes time for debris from a comet’s orbit to drift into a position where it intersects with Earth’s orbit, according to Bill Cooke, an astronomer with NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, who spoke to The New York Times last year.

The name attached to a meteor shower is usually tied to the constellation in the sky from which they seem to originate, known as their radiant. For instance, the Orionid meteor shower can be found in the sky when stargazers have a good view of the Orion constellation.

How to Watch

The best way to see a meteor shower is to get to a location that has a clear view of the entire night sky. Ideally, that would be somewhere with dark skies, away from city lights and traffic. To maximize your chances of catching the show, look for a spot that offers a wide, unobstructed view.

Bits and pieces of meteor showers are visible for a certain period of time, but they really peak from dusk to dawn on a given few days. That is when Earth’s orbit crosses through the thickest part of the cosmic stream. Meteor showers can vary in their peak times, with some reaching their maximums for only a few hours and others for several nights. The showers tend to be most visible after midnight and before dawn.

It also might be easier to spot a meteor shower with your naked eye. Binoculars or telescopes tend to limit your field of view. You might need to spend about half an hour in the dark to let your eyes get used to the reduced light. Stargazers should be warned that moonlight and the weather can obscure the shows. But if that happens, there are usually meteor livestreams like the ones hosted by NASA and by Slooh.

While the American Meteor Society lists dozens of meteor showers that could be seen, below you’ll find the showers that are most likely to be visible in the sky for the remainder of 2017, as well as significant meteor showers that already reached their peak this year.

The Perseids [Swedish: Perseiderna]
Active between July 13 and Aug. 26. Peaks around Aug. 12.
The Perseids light up the night sky when Earth runs into pieces of cosmic debris left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle. The dirty snowball is 17 miles wide and takes about 133 years to orbit the sun. Its last go-around was in 1992.

Usually between 160 and 200 meteors dazzle in Earth’s atmosphere every hour during the display’s peak. They zoom through the atmosphere at around 133,000 miles per hour and burst about 60 miles overhead.

The Orionids [Swedish: Orioniderna]

Active between Aug. 25 and Nov. 19. Peaks around Oct. 22.
The Orionids are an encore to the eta Aquariid meteor shower, which peaked in May. Both come from cosmic material spewed from Halley’s Comet. Since the celestial celebrity orbits past Earth once every 76 years, these showers are your chance to view the comet’s leftovers until the real deal next passes by in 2061.

The Leonids [Swedish: Leoniderna]

Active between Nov. 5 and Dec. 3. Peaks around Nov. 18.
The Leonids are one of the most dazzling meteor showers and every few decades it produces a meteor storm where more than 1,000 meteors can been seen an hour. The last time the Leonids were that strong was in 2002. Its parent comet is called Comet-Temple/Tuttle and it orbits the sun every 33 years.

The Geminids [Swedish: Geminiderna]
Active between Nov. 30 and Dec. 17. Peaks around Dec. 13.
The Geminids, along with the Quadrantids that peaked in January, are thought to originate not from comets, but from asteroid-like space rocks. The Geminids are thought to have been produced by an object called 3200 Phaethon. The meteor shower can brighten the night sky with between 120 and 160 meteors per hour.

The Ursids [Swedish: Ursiderna]

Active between Dec. 17 and Dec. 24. Peaks around Dec. 22.
The Ursids tend to illuminate the night sky around the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. They only shoot around 10 to 20 meteors per hour. They appear to radiate from Ursa Minor, and come from Comet 8P/Tuttle.

The Quadrantids [Swedish: Kvadrantiderna]

Active between Dec. 28 and Jan. 12. Peaked around Jan. 3.
The Quadrantids give off their own New Years fireworks show. Compared with most other meteor showers, they are unusual because they are thought to have originated from an asteroid. They tend to be fainter with fewer streaks in the sky than others on this list.

The Lyrids [Swedish: Lyriderna]

Active between April 16 and April 25. Peaked around April 22.
There are records from ancient Chinese astronomers spotting these bursts of light more than 2,700 years ago. They blaze through the sky at about 107,000 miles per hour and explode about 55 miles up in the planet’s atmosphere. This shower comes from Comet Thatcher, which journeys around the sun about every 415 years. Its last trip was in 1861 and its next rendezvous near the sun will be in 2276.

The Eta Aquariids
Active between April 24 and May 19. Peaked around May 7.
The Eta Aquariids are one of two meteor showers from Halley’s Comet. Its sister shower, the Orionids, will peak in October. Specks from the Eta Aquariids streak through the sky at about 148,000 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest meteor showers. Its display is better seen from the Southern Hemisphere where people normally enjoy between 20 and 30 meteors per hour during its peak. The Northern Hemisphere tends to see about half as many.

The Southern Delta Aquariids

Active between July 21 and Aug. 23. Peaked around July 30.
They come from Comet 96P Machholz, which passes by the sun every five years. Its meteors, which number between 10 and 20 per hour, are most visible predawn, between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. It tends to be more visible from the Southern Hemisphere.

Faure och Monet i "samklang". Släng dig i väggen Usain Bolt

Exercise as a Weight-Loss Strategy

Pictures from the net

Some types of exercise may be better than others at blunting appetite and potentially aiding in weight management, according to an interesting new study of workouts and hunger. It finds that pushing yourself during exercise affects appetite, sometimes in surprising ways.

As anyone who has begun an exercise program knows, the relationships between exercise, appetite, weight control and hunger are complex and often counterintuitive.

The arithmetic involved seems straightforward. You burn calories during exercise and, over time, should drop pounds. But the reality is more vexing. In both scientific studies and the world inhabited by the rest of us, most people who start exercising lose fewer pounds than would be expected, given the number of calories they are burning during workouts. Many people even gain weight.

The problem with exercise as a weight-loss strategy seems to be in large part that it can make you hungry, and many of us wind up consuming more calories after a workout than we torched during it, a biological response that has led some experts and frustrated exercisers to conclude that exercise by itself — without strict calorie reduction — is useless for shedding pounds.

But much of the past research into exercise and appetite has concentrated on walking or other types of relatively short or light activities. Some scientists have begun to wonder whether exercise that was physically taxing, either because it was prolonged or intense, might affect appetite differently than more easeful exercise.

So for the new study, which was published recently in the Journal of Endocrinology, scientists from Loughborough University in Britain and other institutions who have been studying exercise and appetite for years recruited 16 healthy, fit young men. (They did not include women because this was a small, pilot study, the authors say, and controlling for the effects of women’s menstrual cycles would have been difficult.)

They separated the men into two groups, each of which would concentrate on one element of exercise.

The first group focused on intensity. To accomplish this, the scientists had the men visit the university’s performance lab on three separate occasions. During one, they sat quietly for several hours. During another, they ran on a treadmill at an easy jog, with their heart rates hovering at about 50 percent of their maximum capacity, for 55 minutes, until they had burned about 600 calories. On the final visit, they ran at a much more vigorous pace, around 75 percent of heart rate capacity, for 36 minutes, until they had again burned about 600 calories.

Throughout their workouts and for an additional few hours, the scientists drew blood to check for levels of a particular hormone, acylated ghrelin, that is thought to influence appetite. Generally, when acylated ghrelin levels rise, so does hunger. They also asked the men how hungry they felt.

Meanwhile, the scientists performed the same tasks with the second group of volunteers. But these men’s workouts emphasized length. So, one day they ran for 45 minutes at a steady pace and on another, strode at the same pace, but for 90 minutes. During a final visit, they sat.

Then the scientists compared numbers. In general, exercise had lowered the men’s levels of acylated ghrelin, compared to when they had sat continuously. The effects were especially pronounced when the exercise had been intense or long. Vigorous running had blunted acylated ghrelin production more than gentler jogging and longer runs more than briefer ones. The effects also had lingered longest when the exercise had been most protracted. More than an hour after their 90-minute run, most of the men’s acylated ghrelin levels remained suppressed.

Interestingly, the men’s subjective feelings of hunger had also been affected, but not in precisely the same fashion. After the 90-minute run, the men reported feeling less hungry than when they had sat around the lab, even an hour and a half later. But after the short, intense workout, the volunteers soon felt peckish, despite still having low levels of acylated ghrelin in their blood.

Over all, these findings reveal that our appetites certainly are strange, influenced by many factors besides exercise and acylated ghrelin levels. But the results also intimate that if we hope to have workouts reduce our appetite, we may wish to increase the intensity or, even more, the duration of each session.

Of course, this study was small and looked only at young men in good shape, says David Stensel, a professor of exercise metabolism at Loughborough University who oversaw the experiments. It also did not follow them to see whether, in the hours after their workouts, they replaced the calories they had burned.

In the future, the researchers hope to mount longer-term studies that include women, as well as older, sedentary and overweight people, to better understand how different types of exercise influence each group’s hormones and hunger and to tease out the many physiological mechanisms involved.

But in the meantime, Dr. Stensel points out, we should exercise, whether or not the activity makes us thin. “There are so many other reasons, irrespective of the effects on appetite, why exercise benefits health,” he says.

"Frösöblomster" men jag vill även kalla den "Min barndoms somrar"


En person har gripits och anhållits efter en skottlossning i Vallentuna, norr om Stockholm. En annan man är anhållen i sin frånvaro, men var fortfarande på måndagsmorgonen på fri fot.

Erfarenhet är underskattat

I helgen håller Liberalernas ungdomsförbund kongress i Borås. Både Liberalernas partiledare Jan Björklund och utmanaren Birgitta Ohlsson har varit på plats, rapporterar Sveriges Radio. Björklund säger att han upplever att han har ett starkt stöd inom partiet. Han säger också att han tycker det är problematiskt att många partiledare i Sverige är i 30-årsåldern.
– Tänk på USA där President Trump är i 70-års åldern. Jag tycker att erfarenhet är underskattat i svensk politik, säger Björklund.

söndag, augusti 13, 2017


THE NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER THE EPIC TRUE STORY OF DUNKIRK - NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE, WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY CHRISTOPHER NOLAN AND STARRING KENNETH BRANAGH, TOM HARDY AND MARK RYLANCE. In 1940, at the French port of Dunkirk, more than 300,000 trapped Allied troops were dramatically rescued from destruction at the hands of Nazi Germany by an extraordinary seaborne evacuation. The true history of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians involved in the nine-day skirmish has passed into legend. Now, the story Winston Churchill described as a 'miracle' is narrated by bestselling author Joshua Levine in its full, sweeping context, including new interviews with veterans and survivors. Told from the viewpoints of land, sea and air, Joshua Levine's Dunkirk is a dramatic account of a defeat that paved the way to ultimate victory and preserved liberty for generations to come.

Bokus: 152:-kr (häftad)

Politi om ubådsforlis: »Det virker som en bevidst handling«

NASA Eclipse 2017 Live - Streaming Video of August 21 Total Solar Eclipse


Över 3 miljarder Youtube-visningar


En skottlossning inträffade i en föreningslokal i ...  (gissa var - ordet börjar på M) på söndagsmorgonen, rapporterar Sydsvenskan. Polisens presstalesperson Anna Göransson säger att tre män har skottskadats. Två av dem tros vara allvarligt skadade 

Kajans flaxande sparar energi

För första gången har forskare konstaterat att fåglar som flyger aktivt och flaxar med vingarna sparar energi. Det är biologer i Lund som nu visar att kajor minimerar energiuttaget när de lyfter och flyger genom att pennorna på vingspetsen skapar flera små luftvirvlar istället för en stor. Upptäckten kan få användning inom flygteknisk industri./Lunds Universitet

VM Friidrott 2017 Svenska truppens betyg

Usch !


Deadly Chaos After Virginia Rally by White Nationalists

lördag, augusti 12, 2017

Watch Out for Perseid Fireballs this Weekend

Vi tränar spanskan

Hemos perdido aun este crepúsculo.
Nadie nos vio esta tarde con las manos unidas
mientras la noche azul caía sobre el mundo.

He visto desde mi ventana

la fiesta del poniente en los cerros lejanos.

A veces como una moneda

se encendía un pedazo de sol entre mis manos.

Yo te recordaba con el alma apretada

de esa tristeza que tú me conoces.

Entonces, dónde estabas?

Entre qué gentes?
Diciendo qué palabras?
Por qué se me vendrá todo el amor de golpe
cuando me siento triste, y te siento lejana?

Cayó el libro que siempre se toma en el crepúsculo,

y como un perro herido rodó a mis pies mi capa.

Siempre, siempre te alejas en las tardes

hacia donde el crepúsculo corre borrando estatuas.


fredag, augusti 11, 2017


På Mynttorget i Stockholm genomför en grupp afghanska “ensamkommande flyktingbarn”, eller snarare män, sedan några dagar tillbaka en manifestation för att trots avslag i världens kanske mest liberala asylsystem ändå få stanna. Fler ska vara på väg. Varför tar inte polisen tillfället i akt och genomför id-kontroller på dessa, för att ta de som inte har rätt att vara i Sverige i förvar så de sedan kan utvisas? Det frågade Sverigedemokraten Jeff Ahl (SD) tidigare i veckan./Avpixlat

Hwasong-14 could hit Sweden (see map)

In July, for the first time, North Korea test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, called Hwasong-14. The first test appeared to show the North could hit Alaska (and Sweden), and possibly San Diego, while the second pushed the range to somewhere between Denver and Chicago, according to David Schmerler, a research associate at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

Experts say that all of North Korea’s long-range ballistic missiles were designed to deliver nuclear warheads, but questions remain about nuclear payload miniaturization and their warhead’s ability to survive atmospheric re-entry.

Source: The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

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Potatis är ett utmärkt livsmedel som länge haft ett alldeles för dåligt rykte.
Skalet är exempelvis rikt på nyttiga antioxidanter och är extremt mättande.
Men välj beredningsform noga.
– Potatisen ska vara kokt och kall. Då har den lägre GI-värde och mättar längre.

Trådlösa hörlurar som fått bra betyg i "Råd och Rön"

Sony MDR ZX330BT - headset - Svart

Bland de billigaste (795:-kr)  hos "Hembiobutiken" (Sundbyberg)


Det dunkas alldeles för mycket i ryggen i svensk friidrott. Det tröstas och daltas för mycket och kritikerna blir istället bovarna.
Den svenska VM-truppen har varit rekordstor här i London, men nu är alla medaljchanser borta./Aftonbladet

Jag (Stig) håller med. Och särskilt daltandet med medelmåttliga höjdhoppare. Höjdhopp förresten; för att lyckas måste man först och främst vara lång. Det sportsliga kommer i andra hand. Dessutom, hur många i världen satsar på höjdhopp? Jag menar, konkurensen är inte överväldigande.